[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Estate of Daniels Estate Administration -- Standing
Estate of Durrill Miscellaneous -- "Bad Spouse" Statute
Estate of Hargrove Wills -- Construction -- Codicil
Estate of Keener Estate Administration -- Determination of Heirship -- Interventiion
Estate of Maupin Estate Administration -- Pro Se
Estate of Russey Wills -- Will Contest -- Undue Influence
Estate of Silverman Wills -- Testamentary Intent
In re Ignacio G. Trusts -- Reformation
Ferreira v. Butler Estate Administration -- Late Probate
North Carolina Dept. of Rev. v. Kimberly Rice Kaestner 1995 Family Trust Trusts -- Taxation
Sullivan v. Hatchett Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Partial Intestacy