Abatement:  Anderegg

Accelerated Appeal:  Fisher

Accountings (Estate): Pollard; Roach
Accountings (Trust): Dillard, Faulkner
Ademption: Boothe; Filipp; Harris; Mattlage; San Antonio Area Foundation
Adoption: Armstrong; Ellison; Forister; Parker

Adoption by Estoppel: Dampier
Ad Valorem Taxes: Andrews
Allocation Between Principal and Income: Clifton; Jones
Ambiguity: Bean 2; Craigen; Dawkins; Eckels; Harris; Hysaw; Rogers; San Antonio Area Foundation; Slaughter; Steger
Amendment, Trust: Soefje
Anatomical Gifts: Lions

Anti-lapse Statute:  Lacis
Appeals: Arrendell; Ayala; Bendtsen; Bozeman; Brown; Casillas; Churchill; Coleman; Davidson; Davidson (2016); Fernandez; Figueroa-Gomez; Fisher; Garner; Gomez; Hersey; Hudson; Loveless, Morales; Navar; Padilla; Pine; Pollard (2009); Pollard (2010); Rawlins; Roach; Robinson 2; Romo; Scott; Shore; State; Velasco; Villarreal; Washington; Willett; Young
Appertaining to Estate: Swepi

Application to Compel Distribution: Nunu
Appointment of Executor: Arizola; Boone
Apportionment of Taxes: Denman; Patrick; Rosen
Appraisers: Nadolney
Arbitration: Ali; Rachal; Weekley
Assignment: Filipp; Krishnan
Assisted Reproduction: Roman
Attestation: Brown; Browne, Iversen; Pruitt
Attorney ad Litem: Ajudani; Frederick; Stanton
Attorney-Client Privilege: Rittenmeyer; Texas A&M
Attorney's Fees: Alpert; Anderegg; Arndt; Bessire; Brown; Colonial; Combs; Conte; Ellison; Garton; Hachar; Hartmann; Hawkins; Henry; Hope; Huff; Johnson; Jones; Kam; Kanz; Kirkland; Longron; Luce; Nunu; Paul; Ray; Stanton; Vrana; Washington; Wilcox, Wright; Yost; Zapalac


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"Bad" Spouse Statute: Durrill

Bank Accounts (recovery by personal representative): Coffey; Jefferson
Bankruptcy: Bullock; Jarboe
Beneficiary, Binding: Weekley
Beneficiary Designation: Abernethy; Anton; Egelhoff; Heggy; Hubbard; Keen; Weaver

Beneficiary Designation on Non-Probate Assets: Fielding
Beneficiary's Creditors: Gorham
Benefits Rule: Lee
Bill of Review: Aguilar; Buck; Cunningham; Davidson; Haisler; Jones; Kenedy; Nadolney; Rogers; State; Thomas; Valdez
Boat (as homestead): Norris

Body Disposition:  Hemsley; Woods
Bond: Ayala; Colonial; Old Republic; Shore; Stanton


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Capacity (inter vivos gift): Decker
Capacity (power of attorney): Citigroup
Capacity (survival action): Austin; Covington; Lorentz
Capacity (testamentary): Arrington; Blakes; Bracewell; Browne; Cornes; Dubree; Graham; Grimm; Le; Long; Neville; Pilkilton; Robinson 1; Trawick
Capacity (trust, to be sued): Malooly
Certificate of Deposit: Case
Chapter 142 Trusts: Texas Commerce Bank
Charitable Trust: Marsh
Choice of Law: Garcia-Chapa; Haga; McKeehan
Class Certification: Shell
Class Gift: Armstrong; Ellison; Martino; Womack
Claims of Estate: Oakley
Classification of Claims: Hope
Closing Estate: Teinert
Closing Independent Administration: Texas Commerce
Closing Report: Texas Commerce

Codicil:  Hargrove
Collateral Estoppel: Dolenz (2006)
Collateral Source Rule: Lee
Co-executors: Lesikar

Common Disaster: Stephens; Stephens (SCOTX)
Common Law Marriage: Armstrong; J.C. Penney; Wilson
Community Administration: Coleman
Community Property: Roman
Community Property Survivorship Agreements: Beatty; Cunningham; Holmes; Holmes (Sup. Ct.)
Compensation of Personal Representative: Figueroa-Gomez; Lee
Conditional Gifts: Mangrum; Marion; Martino
Conditional Wills: Fuselier; Perez

Contractual Wills:  Faccibene; Finney; Gilbert

Construction: Gutierrez; Jinkins

Construction (adopted individuals): Parker
Construction (apportionment): Patrick
Construction ("beneficiary"): Eisen
Construction ("cash"): Dillard
Construction (class gift): Martino

Construction (conditional gift): Martino
Construction ("continue formal education"): Hurley
Construction ("corporate stocks and bonds"): Longaker
Construction (defeasible fee subject to executory limitation): Gutierrez

Construction (defeasible devise): Hernandez
Construction ("descendants"): Armstrong; Ellison; Paschall; Tyner
Construction (determinable fee simple): Cooley
Construction (devise): Bean 2; Grisham; Hoke
Construction ("direct"): Vinson

Construction (distribution provisions): Archer; Nash; Rhoades
Construction ("get everything till she dies"): Craigen

Construction (fee simple determinable):  Roberts
Construction (independent administration): Bean; Bean 2

Construction (life estate): Knopf
Construction (life estate or trust): Rogers
Construction (life tenant's rights): Singleton; Steger

Construction (monies):  Anderegg
Construction ("money in any financial institution"): Dillard
Construction ("nieces and nephews"): Reistino
Construction ("other financial resources"): Keisling

Construction ("paid out of my estate"):  Anderegg

Construction (partial intestacy(:  Sullivan

Construction (precatory language): Rodriguez (2018)

Construction (preventing intestacy): Catlin
Construction ("real property"): San Antonio Area Foundation
Construction (res judicata): Lorenz
Construction (restraint on alienation): Williams
Construction (statute of limitations): Florence
Construction (tax apportionment): Patrick
Construction (trust amendment): Soefje
Construction ("unproduction royalty"): Slaughter

Construction (vesting of interests):  Netherton
Constructive Trust: Baker Botts (Cailloux); Medford; Stark
Contempt: Byrom
Contingent Wills: Fuselier; Perez
Contracts (trustee): Weekley
Contract to Convey: Green
Contractual Wills (breach): Meyer; Osborne; Pickett
Contractual Wills (declaratory judgment): Friesenhahn, Hearn, Meyer
Contractual Wills (formalities): Friesenhahn; Lorenz; McFatter; Olson; Ray
"Corporate Bonds" Defined: Longaker
"Corporate Stock" Defined: Longaker
Corruption of the Blood: Medford
Costs: Ajudani, Collins; Frederick; Lee; Russell
Court/Judge Assignment: Denison

Cremation:  Woods
Creditors: Andrews; Ayala; Bayne; Clark; Fairfield; FCLT; Gaines; Gorham; Herring; Hope; Mohseni

Criminal Law Interface: McCay

Criminal Liability (trustee): Bowen
Cy Pres: Marsh


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Declaratory Judgment: Di Portanova; Meyer
Deed (ambiguity): Panhandle
Deed (capacity): Dubree
Deed (delivery): Rothrock
Deed (fraud in procurement): Collins
Deed (letter as deed): Green
Deed (standing to contest): Jansen
Default (late probate): Cornes; Perez; Schlindler; Williams
Defeasible Fee Subject to Executory Limitation: Gutierrez
Defending Will (costs): Collins
Delivery of Deed: Rothrock
Determinable Fee Simple: Cooley
Determination of Heirship: Casares; Jeter; Keener, Loveless; Morales; Parrish; Rogers; Stanton
Deviation: Di Portanova; White; Willa

Devisee Title: Meekins

Discharge of Independent Executor:  Whittington
Disclaimer: Badouh; Boren; Filipp; Krishnan; McCuen; Phillips
Discovery: Buck; Paschall; Texas A&M
Discretion: Dillard
Disqualification of Executor: Guyton; Robinson 2
Disqualification of Judge: Orsagh
Distribution of Estate: Kanz
Divorce: Egelhoff; Heggy; Keen; Nash (appellate court); Nash (Texas Supreme Court); Weaver
Donative Intent: Hayes
Drafting Attorney as Will Beneficiary: Olson; Shields
Durable Power of Attorney: Citigroup; Filipp; Fletcher; Hailey; Hardy; Miller; Musquiz; Plummer; Vackar; Vogt
Duress (trust): Cooper


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Election Will: Cole; Garner; McFatter

E-mail Access: Cokinos

Embryos: Roman
Equitable Conversion: Mattlage
Equitable Trust: Baker Botts (Cailloux)
ERISA: Egelhoff; Heggy; Keen; Weaver
Error in Probate Judgment: Garza
Estate as Party to Lawsuit: Fairfield; Miller
Evidence: Flores
Exculpatory Clause: Clifton; Grizzle; Martin; Texas Commerce Bank
Executor, Disqualification: Gaines; Gay; Robinson 2
Executor, Removal: Arizola; Kappus; Miller; Washington
Executor's Duties: Lee; Miller
Executor's Fees: Figueroa-Gomez; Lee; Miller
Executor's Powers: Vinson
Exempt Property: Rhea
Economic Contribution: Rogers

Exoneration: Heider
Expenses: Figueroa-Gomez


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Family Allowance: Herring; Nielsen; Rhea; Wolfe
Family Settlement Agreements: Carter; Cooper; Halbert; Mathis; Natural Gas; Webb
Federal Probate Exception: Marshall

Fee Awards: Larson

Fees (excessive executor): Lee; Miller

Fee Simple Determinable:  Roberts
Fiduciary Duty: Abernethy; Alpert; American Finance; Avary; Baker Botts (Cailloux); Brown, Cluck; Collins; Combs; FCLT; Jones; Kuykendall; Lee; Lesikar; Longaker; MartinMohseni; Musquiz; Sierad; Sterling; Vogt; Ward
Filing Fee: Lewis
Final Judgment: See Appeals.
Final Order: Navar; Villarreal

Final Settlement:  Scott
Foreclosure: Texas Commerce
Foreign Will: Ayala
Forgery: Haisler; Swanson
Forfeiture: Marion; Medford
Formalities (will): Ajudani; Arrington; Browne; Capps; Cornes; Graham; Fuselier; Iversen; Luker; Pilkilton; Pruitt; Schiwetz; Steed; Teal
Fraud (deed procurement): Collins
Fraud (on trust settlor): Cooper
Fraudulent Transfer: FCLT
Frozen Embryos: Roman
Funding of Trust: FCLT; Kappus

Funerals: Rader


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Gifts: Case; Decker; Edwards; Green; Hayes; LaValle; Panhandle; Texas A&M; Vogt
Guardian-Executor Interface: Bayne


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Habeas Corpus: Byrom
Heir Representing Estate: Casillas; Kenseth
Heirship Determination: Loveless
Holographic Wills: Ajudani; Capps; Cornes
Homestead: Casida; Churchill; Garner; Norris; Wassmer


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Impact of Survivor's Homestead on Property Value: Sloan

Incident to Estate: Columbia; Lee; Schuld; Swepi'

Income Tax: Kaestner
Inconsistency, Revocation by: Cason
Incorporation by Reference: Pickelner
Independent Administration (closing): Teinert; Texas Commerce
Independent Administration (construction): Bean; Bean 2
Independent Administration (court involvement): Kanz; Smith; Trevino
Independent Administration (creditors): Gaines
Independent Administration (distribution of estate): Kanz
Independent Administration (partition and distribution): Bean; Smith
Independent Administration (probate court authority): Bayne
Independent Administration (sale of estate property): Smith
Independent Executor (accounting): Pollard
Independent Executor (appointment): Boone
Independent Executor (attorney's fees): Kanz

Independent Executor (discharge): Whittington
Independent Executor (duty to unsecured creditor): Mohseni
Independent Executor (fiduciary duty): Avary
Independent Executor (removal): Casida; Hoelzer; Kappus; Lee; Montemayor; Roy
Independent Executor (self-dealing): American Finance
Independent Executor (successor): Eastland
Independent Executor (suitability): Boren; Eastland; Gaines; Gay
Individual Retirement Account: Jarboe; Clark
Injunction: Goldthorn; Wilson
In Limine Motion: Boone; Jansen
Insurable Interest: Lloyd's
Insurance (Life): Egelhoff; Heggy; J.C. Penney; Lloyd's
Intent, Donative: Hayes
Intent, Testamentary: Allen; Cason; Collins; Graham; Hendler; Schiwetz; Steed
Intent, Trust: Chapman; Filipp; Hubbard; Jones; Stauffacher
In Terrorem Provision: Ard; Badouh; Cason; Conte; Di Portanova (2006); Di Portanova (2012); Ferguson; Schiwetz
"Interested Person": Bendtsen; McDonald; Whittington
Interested Witness: Brown
Inter Vivos Deeds & Gifts, Contesting: Jansen; Panhandle; Texas A&M
"Instituting Suit" Defined: Ayala
Interlocutory Order: Navar; State; Villarreal
Interpretation: See Construction
Intestate Succession: Araguz; Coleman; Forister; Jeter; Loveless; Malone; Rogers; Sullivan; Wilson
Inventory: Garner; Jarvis; Lee; Walker; Wilson
Investment Account: Holley
IRA: Anton


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Joinder of Beneficiaries to Will Contest: Wojcik
Joint Account: Armstrong; A.G. Edwards (Tex. Sup. Ct.); A.G. Edwards (8th Dist); Beatty; Case; Dellinger; Dillard; Dubree; Edwards; Hare; Hicks; Holmes; Holmes (Sup. Ct.); Kennemer; Mims-Brown; Nipp; Plummer; Wilson
Joint Will: Capps; Fuselier

Jointly-held Property:  McKeehan

Judge Disqualification: Orsagh
Judicial Admission: Lee

Judicial Estoppel:  Evans
Judicial Immunity: Alpert
Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict: Longron
Jurisdiction: Aguilar; Alexander; Ashton; Ayala; Carroll; Columbia; Dallas; Davidson; Davis; Diaz; Dillard; Dolenz (2004); Dolenz (2006); Dowell; Fernandez; Frost; Gaines; Gammill; Garza; Garza; Gibbs; Gomez; Haga; Hailey; Herring; Jansen; Jeter; Krumnow; Kurtz; Lee; Lee (2017); Mobil; Narvaez; Puig; Rhoades; Robinson; Robinson 2; Sabine Gas; Saenz, Schuchmann; Schuele; Schuld; Shell; Smalley; Stark; Supak; Texas Commerce; Tovias; Trevino; US Bank; Walker; Warren; Waste


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Lady Bird Deeds: Turner

Lapse:  Lacis

Latent Ambiguity: Eckels

Late Probate: Allen; Byerley; Campbell; Cornes; Ferreira (Houston); Ferreira (Texas Supreme Court); Orr; Perez; Ramirez; Rothrock; Schlindler; Williams
Leases (long term by trustee): Myrick

Legal Fees: Cousins
Legal Secretary: Moser
Letters Testamentary: Moore
Life Estate: Singleton; Steger
Life Insurance: Egelhoff; Heggy; Hilllman; Hubbard; Irwin; J.C. Penney; Lloyd's; Stafford; Sveen; Torrez; Vackar
Limitations (will contest): Stovall
Long-Term Leases: Myrick
Lost Trust Instruments: Berger; Gause
Lost Wills: Berger; Brown; Capps; Cason; Catlin; Garton; Jones; Standefer; Steed; Turner; Wilson; Woods


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Malpractice: Belt; Combs; Messner; Moser; O'Donnell; O'Donnell (remand); Smith
Marriage-Like Relationship Doctrine: Ross

Marriage -- Setting Aside: Durrill
Mediated Settlement Agreement: Spiegel
Misapplication by Fiduciary: Bowen
Mineral Lease: Natural Gas;
Mistake: Graham
Modification (trust): Webb
Mother Hubbard Clause: Villarreal
Multiple-Party Account: Armstrong; Case; Dillard; Eisenhauer; Hicks; Holmes; Holmes (Sup. Ct.); Lee; Parker; Stogner; Wilson
"Municipal Bond Fund" Defined: Longaker
Muniment of Title: Jacky; Jones; Kurtz; Kuykendall
Murder: Medford; Stafford
"Mutual Fund" Defined: Longaker


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"Nieces and Nephews": Reistino
No Contest Clause: Badouh; Cason; Cole; Conte; Di Portanova (2006); Di Portanova (2012); Ferguson; Schiwetz
Non-Marital Child: Frost; Jeter; Malone; Villery; Wilson
Non-Resident Personal Representative: Davis
Non-Testamentary Transfer: Holley
Notice to Beneficiaries of Will Contest: Wojcik
Nuncupative Will: Alexander


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Oral Gift of Real Property: Wright

Oral Trust: Ayers; Hardy
Oral Will: Alexander
Out-of-State Personal Representative: Davis


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Paralegal: Moser

Partial Intestacy:  Sullivan
Partial Summary Judgment (appeal): Willett
Partition & Distribution (independent administration): Bean
Patent Ambiguity: Harris
Paternity: Malone; Villery
Pension Plan: Egelhoff; Heggy; Keen; Weaver
Perpetuities, Rule Against: Marsh

Personal Representative Qualification: Gossett

Plea to the Jurisdiction:  Robinson
P.O.D. Account: Armstrong; Parker; Punts

Posthumous Children:  Astrue
Power of Appointment: Doggett
Power of Attorney: Armstrong; Citigroup; Dawson; Filipp; Hailey; Hardy; Healey; Jordan; Musquiz; Plummer; Vackar; Vogt; Wise

Power of Sale: Graff

Preemption:  Hillman
Preferred Debt and Lien: Herring
Pretermitted Child: Hendler; Ozuna; Bailey

Principal and Income Allocation:  Jones
Privilege, Attorney-Client: Texas A&M
Probate Exception: Marshall
Probate, Late: Cornes; Orr; Perez; Rothrock; Schlindler; Williams
Professional Responsibility: Olson; Shields; Taylor
Property Description (Trust): Walker
Property Taxes: Andrews

Proponent in Default: Orr
Pro Se: Guetersloh; Maupin, Steele

Proxy Signature: Luce
Publication: Arrington; Brown
Purchase-Money Resulting Trust: LaValle


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"Real Property" Defined: San Antonio Area Foundation
Receiver: Alpert; Elliott; Hoskins; Krumnow; Price; Trevino
Record, Appellate: Arrendell

Recovery of Estate Property:  Hutchins
Reformation (trust): Hearn, Ignacio
Reimbursement: Clark
Remainder: Townley
Removal of Personal Representative: Arizola; Ayala; Casida; Clark; Davidson (2016); Hoelzer; Kappus; Kirkland; Lee; Miller; Roy; Vrana; Washington
Removal of Trustee: Barrientos; Conte; Ditta; Eisen; Lee
Res Judicata: Dolenz (2006); Lorenz
Restraint on Alienation: Williams
Resulting Trust: LaValle; Longoria; Pickelner
Revival: Stoll
Revocation -- By Inconsistency: Cason
Revocation -- Presumption: Perez; Turner; Wilson
Revocation -- Trusts: Gordon; McClure; Moon; Vela
Rule Against Perpetuities: Marsh


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Sale of Estate Property: Hernandez; Mitchell; Rawlins; Stone; Walker
Same-Sex Couples: Ross
Secretary: Moser
Section 142 Trusts: Amaro (lower court) (Texas Supreme Court)
Section 867 Trusts: Bank of Texas
Self-Dealing: American Finance; Hernandez
Self-Proving Affidavit: Bracewell; Graham
Semi-Secret Trust: Pickelner
Service of Process: Hoelzer

Serving as Executor and Attorney for Executor: Ethics Opinion
Settled Legal Meaning: San Antonio Area Foundation
Settlement Agreements: Ferguson; Natural Gas; Pickelner; Riefler; Spiegel; Webb
Settlements: Hill
Settlor (fiduciary duty): Alpert
Signature: Ajudani; Luker; Schiwetz; Zerboni

Social Security Survivor Benefits:  Astrue
Specific Performance: Wells
Spendthrift Provision: Bradley; FCLT; Faulkner; Townley
Spousal Determination: Araguz; Loveless; Wilson

Spousal Representation: Taylor

Standing:  Daniels

Standing (appeal): Velasco
Standing (contest accounting): Roach
Standing (contest will): Redus; Schlindler; Perez-Muzza
Standing (contingent beneficiary of revocable trust): Moon
Standing (intervene): Armstrong
Standing (life insurance): Irwin

Standing (power of attorney): Dawson
Standing (probate): Boone
Standing (survival action): Austin; Covington; Ferrer, Lorentz; Mayhew; Moore; Pratho
Standing (trust accounting): Faulkner; Mayfield; XTO

Statute of Frauds: Wolfe
Statute of Limitations: Allen; Blevins; Brown, Cluck; Florence; Frost; Jeter; Omohundro; Robinson 1; Rogers; Stoll; Stovall
Substantial Right: Navar
Substitute Fiduciary Act: Wood

Successful Admission to Probate: Kam
Successor Personal Representative: Ayala
Successor Trustee: Alpert; Barrientos; Conte; Wood
Suggestion of Death: Moore
Suit Against Estate: Fairfield; Waste
Supersedeas Bond: Shore
Support Trust: Dillard
Surety: Old Republic; Sierad
Survival Actions: Armes; Austin; Cooper; Covington; Dallas; Ferrer, Hill; Lorentz; Mayhew; Oakley; Pratho
Survivorship Rights: A.G. Edwards; Beatty; Dillard; Holmes; Holmes (Sup. Ct.)


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Tax Apportionment: Denman; Denman 2; Patrick; Rosen

Taxation:  Kaestner
Temporary Administration: Hill
Temporary Injunction: Wilson
Testamentary Capacity: Arrington; Blakes; Bracewell; Browne; Cornes; Evans; Graham; Grimm; Hemsley; Hoskins; Le; Long; Neville; Pilkilton; Robinson 1; Schiwetz; Trawick; Vackar
Testamentary Intent: Allen; Cason; Collins; Graham; Hendler; Silverman, Steed

Testator's Signature: Zerboni

Title of Devisee:  Meekins
Tortious Interference With Inheritance Rights: Anderson; Archer; Haisler; Hannah; Jackson Walker; Kinsel; Kuykendall; Rice; Russell; Stern; Valdez; Yost
Transfer: Alexander; Azle; Fernandez; Gonzalez; Kenedy; Krumnow; Lewis; Ramsey; Reliant; Swepi; Terex; Trevino
Trust Account: Bank of America; Lee; Stogner
Trust Accountings: Dillard
Trust Amendment: Soefje

Trust Bankruptcy:  Bullock

Trust (breach of duty): Gilmore
Trust Capacity: Malooly
Trust Construction: Eisen; Hurley; Keisling; Paschall
Trust Creation: Ayers; Barrientos; Cooper; Coterill; Filipp; Hardy; Kappus; Longoria; McAnally; Rogers; Sarah; Walker
Trust Intent: Chapman; Hubbard; Jones; Romancik, Sarah; Stauffacher
Trust Jurisdiction: Ashton; Carroll; Dillard; Dolenz; Gaines; Gammill; Mobil; Schuchmann; Shell; Willa
Trust Property Description: Walker

Trust Receivership:  Elliott
Trust Reformation: Hearn; Marsh
Trust Revocation: McClure; Vela

Trust Statute of Frauds: Wolfe
Trust Termination:  Bank of Texas; Kellner; Myrick; White
Trustee (acceptance): Kappus

Trustee (conveyance): West 17th
Trustee (criminal liability): Bowen
Trustee (discretion): Dillard
Trustee (duties): FCLT; Martin; Sterling
Trustee (powers): Casillas; Myrick
Trustee (removal): Aubrey; Barrientos; Conte; Ditta; Eisen; Lee; Moore
Trustee (successor): Alpert; Barrientos; Conte; Wood
Trusts (arbitration provision): Rachal
Trusts (attorney's fees): Alpert; Hachar; Johnson
Trusts (charitable): Marsh
Trusts (damage awards): Lee

Trusts (discovery): Paschall

Trusts (distribution characterization): Benavides

Trusts (exculpatory clause): Grizzle
Trusts (lost instrument): Berger
Trusts (modification): Webb
Trusts (oral): Ayers; Hardy

Trusts (parties): Texas Capital Bank

Trusts (property): Dutcher
Trusts (receiver): Krumnow
Trusts (section 142): Amaro (lower court) (Texas Supreme Court)

Turnover Order:  Hutchins


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Undue Influence (inter vivos gift): Decker
Undue Influence (trust): Cooper; Johnson
Undue Influence (will): Butts; Cotten; Dubree; Graham; Grimm; Henry; Johnson; Long; Longaker; Pilkilton; Russell; Russey, Sidransky; Steed
Unqualified Community Administration: Coleman
Unsecured Creditor: Mohseni

Unsuccessful Admission to Probate: Wright
Unsuitability of Personal Representative: Ayala; Boren; Guyton; Pine; Robinson 2; Stanton


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Venue: Davidson; Fernandez; Gonzalez; Graham; Green; Hannah; Jarvis; Reliant; San Jacinto; Steed; Terex
Vested Remainder: Netherton; Townley
Void Gifts: Jones; Olson; Shields

Voiding Marriage After Death: Matthews


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Waiver: Martin; Steed
Will, Capacity to Make: Bracewell
Will, Conditional: Perez

Will, Contractual:  Finney
Will Construction: Cooley; Dillard; Gutierrez; Longaker; San Antonio Area Foundation
Will Contests: see specific ground

Will Contests -- Arbitration: Lawson

Will Contests -- Attorney's Fees: Ray
Will Contests -- Briefing: Proctor
Will Contests -- Evidence: Flores; Parrimore

Will Contests -- Forgery: Lawson

Will Contests -- Generally: Danford

Will Contests -- Improper Reason for Disinheritance: Merrick
Will Contests -- Joinder of Beneficiaries: Wojcik

Will Contests -- Lack of Capacity: Texas Capital Bank

Will Contests -- Lack of Formalities: Romo (2016)
Will Contests -- No-evidence Motion: Swanson
Will Contests -- Notice to Beneficiaries: Wojcik
Will Contests -- Standing: Lee (2018); Redus; Schlindler
Will Contests -- Statute of Limitations: Blevins; Evans; Jones; Omohundro; Robinson 1; Stoll; Stovall

Will Contests -- Undue Influence: Kam; Reno; Rodriguez; Yost
Will Formalities: Alexander; Bracewell; Capps; Kam; Lemus; Luker; Pruitt; Steed; Teal
Will, Lost: Berger; Capps; Cason; Steed
Witnesses: Arrington; Brown; Browne; Fuselier; Iversen; Teal
Wrongful Death: Hill
Wrongful Imprisonment: Oakley


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