Texas Probate Code

August 19, 2013 version

[updated for 2013 legislation]
Texas Estates Code

November 12, 2013 version

[updated for 2013 legisation]
Texas Estates Code

August 2, 2015 Version

[updated for 2015 legislation]
Conversion Tables

March 17, 2014 version
[2 column format]
[3 column format]


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Texas Estate Planning Statutes Wtih Commentary
2013-2015 Edition


      Texas Estate Planning Statutes with Commentary: 2013-2015 Edition is a compilation of Texas statutes which are significant to law school and paralegal courses related to estate planning such as Wills & Estates, Trusts, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Probate, Elder Law, and Guardianship. Changes made by the 2013 Texas Legislature are printed in red-lined format to make the revisions easy for the reader to locate. Many sections include carefully written commentary entitled Statutes in Context. These annotations provide background information, explanations, examples, and citations to key cases which will assist the reader in identifying the significance of the statutes and how they operate.

    Available directly from the publisher, AuthorHouse, and from Amazon.com.