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Amaro v. Texas State Bank

Trusts -- Sec. 142 Trusts

American Finance & Inv. Co. v. Herrera

Estate adminstration -- Self Dealing by Personal Representative

Badouh v. Hale

Wills -- Disclaimers
Wills - In Terrorem Provisions

Bank of America, N.A. v. Haag

Other matters -- Multiple-Party Accounts-- Trust Account

Boone v. LeGalley

Estate Administration -- Standing to Probate
Estate Administration -- Appointment of Independent Executor

Bracewell v. Bracewell

Wills -- Testamentary Capacity

Wills -- Formalities

Chapman Children's Trust v. Porter & Hedges

Trusts -- Trust Intent

Columbia Rio Grande Regional Hosp. v. Stover

Estate Adminstration -- Jurisdiction -- Incident to Estate

Cooley v. Williams

Wills -- Construction -- Determinable Fee Simple

Estate of Ayala

Estate Administration -- Creditors

Estate of Mitchell

Estate Administration -- Sale of Estate Property

Estate of Navar v. Fitzgerald

Estate Administration -- Appeals

Garza v. Rodriguez

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Interfering With Final Judgment

Green v. Canon

Other Matters -- Inter Vivos Gift

Gutierrez v. Rodriguez

Wills -- Construction -- Defeasible Fee Subject to Executory Limitation

Hartmann v. Solbrig

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees

Herring v. Welborn

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Real Property in Another County

In re Estate of Casida

Estate Administration -- Homestead
Estate Administration -- Removal of Independent Executor

In re Estate of Huff

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees

In re Estates of Garcia-Chapa

Intestate Succession -- Choice of Law

In re Fairfield Financial Group, Inc.

Estate Administration -- Creditors -- Judgment Against Estate

In re Marriage of Case

Other matters -- Joint Account

In re Ramsey

Estate Administration -- Transfer of Matter Incidend to the Estate from District Court to Probate Court

Jansen v. Fitzpatrick

Estate Administration -- Standing to Contest Inter Vivos Deed

J.C. Penney Life Ins. Co. v. Heinrich

Other Matters -- Life Insurance

Kanz v. Hood

Estate Administration -- Attorney's Fees
Estate Administration -- Independent Administration

Lesikar v. Rappeport

Estate Administration -- Fiduciary Duty of Personal Representative

Longaker v. Evans

Wills -- Undue Influence

Wills -- Construction -- "Corporate Stocks and Bonds"

Other Matters -- Duty of Beneficiary and Legal Malpractice

Luker v. Youngmeyer

Wills -- Formalities

Malone v. Thomas

Intestate Succesion -- Non-marital Child

Martino v. Martino

Wills - Interpretation and Construction -- Conditional Gift

Meyer v. Shelley

Wills -- Contractual Wills -- Breach While One Contracting Party Still Alive

Wills -- Contractual Wills -- Declaratory Judgment While One Contracting Party Still Alive

Old Republic Sur. Co. v. Cross

Estate Adminstration -- Bond

Sabine Gas Trans. Co. v. Winnie Pipeline Co.

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- After Settlement of Claims Connected to Estate

San Antonio Area Foundation v. Lang

Wills -- Construction -- No Apparent Ambiguity

Wills -- Ademption

Schuld v. Dembrinski

Estate Adminstration -- Jurisdiction

Shields v. Texas Scottish Rite Hosp.

Wills -- Drafting Attorney as Beneficiary

Texas Commerce Bank-Rio Grande Valley v. Correa

Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction -- Foreclosure After Estate Closed

Estate Administration -- Independent Administration -- Closing

Villery v. Soloman

Intestate Succession -- Non-marital Child