[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Ackers v. Comerica Bank & Trust, N.A. Wills -- Construction -- Ripeness
Benge v. Roberts Trusts -- Former Trustee Liability
Berry v. Berry Trusts -- Standing
Bethany v. Bethany Estate Administration -- Appeal
ConocoPhillips Co. v. Ramirez Wills -- Interpretation
Duncan v. O'Shea Trusts -- Co-trustee Powers
Estate of Burns Estate Administration -- Standing
Estate of Flarity

Wills -- Will Contest -- Discovery
Wills -- Self Proving Affidavit
Wills -- Will Contest -- Lack of Capacity and Undue Influence
Estate Administration -- Executor Qualification

Estate of Grogan Will Contests -- Undue Influence
Estate of HInes Intestacy -- Equitable Adoption
Estate of Maberry Estate Administration -- Standing
Estate of Scott Other Estate Planning Matters -- Annuity Proceeds
Estate of Trickett Estate Administration -- Determination of Heirship
Harrison v. Reiner Estate Administration -- Dischargeability of Judgment Against Independent Executor
In re Estate of Hallmark Estate Adminiistration -- Jurisdiction
In re Estate of Hunt Wills -- Interpretation and Construction
In re Estate of Scott Wills -- Will Contests
Isaac v. Burnside Wills -- In Terrorem Clause
Other Estate Planning Matters -- Disposition of Remains
Kankonde v. Mankan Estate Administration -- Appeal -- Pro Se
Matter of Estate of Wharton Wills -- Interpretation and Construction--Precatory or Mandatory Language
Moody v. Moody Other Estate Planning Matters -- Challenging Marital Property Agreement Using Estates Code
Neal v. George E. Neal, Jr. Irrevocable Trust Trusts -- Beneficiaries
Ochse v. Ochse Trusts -- Interpretation and Construction
Odom v. Coleman

Wills -- Interpretation and Construction -- Reformation to Correct Scrivener's Error
Wills -- In Terrorem Provision

Pense v. Bennett Trusts -- Trustee Powers
Ramirez v. Rodriguez Trusts -- Trustee Removal
Ron v. Ron Trusts -- Trust Protectors
Sklar v. Sklar Wills -- Specific Gifts
Tomlinson v. Khoury Trusts -- Party
West Texas LTC Partners, Inc. v. Collier Estate Adminstration -- Creditors