Aguilar v. Morales, 658 S.W.3d 702 (Tex. App.—El Paso 2022, pet. denied).

Estate Administration

Transfer of Case


After their parents died, their children engaged in protracted litigation involving a variety of issues in courts in both Bexar and El Paso counties. Eventually, the Bexar County probate court issued a transfer order so the El Paso action would be consolidated and heard in Bexar County. Some of the parties challenged this order claiming that the lawsuit pending in El Paso County was unrelated to the Bexar County proceedings. The El Paso Court of Appeals determined that it lacked “any appellate or original jurisdiction to determine the legality of an order entered by a Bexar County court.” Id. at 711. Likewise, the El Paso court lacked authority to rule on the issue of “whether a Bexar County judge was disqualified from hearing a matter in his or her court.” Id. at 713.


Moral:  Appellate courts lack jurisdiction over actions taken by courts in other appellate court districts.