[Index of Case Summaries by Topic]
Case Name Topics
Aguilar v. Morales Estate Administration -- Transfer of Case
Altice v. Hernandez Wills -- Formalities
Wills -- Undue Influence
Berry v. Berry Trusts -- Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Standing
Estate of Allen Estate Administration -- Successor Independent Executor
Estate of Banta Estate Administration -- Claim Against Estate
Gill v. Vordokas Intestate Succession -- Common Law Spouse
Gutierrez v. Gutierrez Trusts -- Interpretation
Henry v. Brooks Estate Administration -- Claims of Estate
In re Estate of Foust Estate Administration -- Venue
In re Estate of Renz Wills -- Will Contest Settlement
In re Estate of Wetzel Estate Administration -- Family Allowance
Jones v. Jones Wills -- Execution Formalities
Marshall v. Estate of Freeman Estate Administration -- Late Probate
Matter of Estate of Masters Estate Administration -- Late Probate
Matter of Estate of Rushing Estate Administration -- Jurisdiction
Matter of Troy S. Poe Trust Trusts -- Modification
Matter of Trust A & Trust C Trusts -- Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Prather v. Callon Petroleum Operating Co., Inc. Interpretation -- "Survivor(s) thereof"